Glamourous, Glowing Glitteration

Ok, so I did my research, I field tested, and the results are in. What to do when you want to be a face-glitter girl and you have the greasy skin (or any type of skin, really): Glitter eyes for day, or night even, should not be layered with color. I know I said I'd never be one of those "rules of makeup" hoes, but trust me- unless you want to look like you spent too long at the M.A.C. counter. Makeup that's "just a touch Bowie" is so much more rockin' than full on Bowie. Cuz you're not Bowie, only Bowie is. If really you want color with sparkle, I hear that Bobbi Brown Long Wear Cream Shadow will not crease, and comes in 16 shades of joy [via BBTBB].

So, with actual glitter the secret is to let the glitter itself be the color: for a cooler space-age look, wear silver glitter, for a more hippy-dippy look, choose warmer, but still neutral tones. It's best to get a loose glitter in a pot, Mattese NYC (which you get at Ricky's) has a vast color selection and the peices are really small, which is better. Now here is the incredible secret ingredient: waterproof fixer. Make Up Forever has a great one. Fixer is basically an adhesive that is safe for eye-area application and transforms non-waterproof makeup into long-lasting-go-nowhere goodness. Sqirt a little onto the back of your hand, dip a makeup brush into the glitter and mix with the fixer, then apply it to your lid, or undereye, or wherev. It will stay amzing for hours. Follow these instructions how to apply of the rest of your look.

My moms used to yell at me for wearing glitter on my eyes because she thought it would get into my ducts and cause a stye! It did, but stye is just one 'L' away from style, and that's close enough for me. Anyhoo, CONTEST! First reader to comment with their favorite Bowie song gets a set of Make Up Forever waterproof makeup including Mascara, Eyeliner, Eye Seal and Waterproof Sensitive Eye Cleanser. It's not used, okay? Jeez. It comes in an actual box.


PS. If you hate all Bowie songs but still want the goods, you crazy, but you can go ahead and comment with how many times I said "Bowie" in this post.


Beesley Hair

So, in honor of The Office being on tv again (Yes, I can haz TV), I'm doing a hair post because my hair is just like Pam's: Flat as a pancake (made of hair) on top and kinky beneath. Apparently it's a common prob, so says my hairstylist,* Laura. But I never read this problem being addressed in Allure or any other beauty mags or columns, so I'm breaking the story here! WTF is with curly-on-bottom hair? My friend Chelsea says she thinks it's because bottom hair is dirtier (ew), and I suspect it's because the bottom layers are less damaged and are exposed to more humidity from the neck sweat region (double ew). Regardless, while you struggle to maintain some sort of wave equilibrium, it's important to not damage the hair you are trying to straighten or curl, because this will just lead to more drama. Go ahead and get a hairdryer with a nozzle, says Laura. When you point the dryer at the separate sections (which you should do, from a close range, but never let the dryer just sit in one spot), the nozzle will prevent the hot air from going every which way, creating frizzies. Always aim the nozzle in the direction of the hair growth so you're not teasing your delicate mane with hot, damaging air. That's like when you pet a cat in the opposite direction of the fur growth. They hate that! I'ts good to use a styling spray with heat protection in it too (apply before drying, after washing). I'm partial to Bumble and Bumble's Thickening Spray.

One more tip- for those of you that work in an office like Pam and think it's necessary to shampoo each day. Its so, so not necessary to shampoo daily! Even if your hair is fine and your scalp is oily- try brushing! That oil is good for your ends. We at Cheek Beauty shampoo thrice weekly at the most, and we only hit the roots with the sudz, not the ends. In the inbetween days you can spritz your hair with the amazing Summer Hair Wash and Wear by Fred Fekkai. Our boyfriend cannot tell that we haven't washed our hair in a week when we spray it on, and neither can we, except that we know cuz we were the ones who did it. Anyway it's awesome.

*Yeah I have a hair person now. Sigh. But I do love her! She gives me beer. Go see her at Public (in the 'burg).

A Chat About Hair

The esteemed Esperanza and I politik about our hair on our way out the door:

me: Ok toots! Call me tomorrow or im me
We will hook up
Esperanza: ok, will do sweets
12:57me: I'll try to have concept hair or makeup for you
Esperanza: yes PLEASE
shave my HEAD
me: hah
I feel you with that one
Esperanza: i'm sure you'll come up with something fab
me: I'm all, why does someone come in the night and only gheri curl the BOTTOM layer of my hair?
every night
Esperanza: HAHA
yes, precisely
that is what I ask every morning
12:59 me: haha! I'm glad I'm not alone
Esperanza: i could tell you stories, haha
1:00 me: Totally! Plus my scalp is like waco a few days after the fire
Ok, gotta go get ready now
Esperanza: its all hurricane katrina on my head