Annoying Trend

The first time I saw this in real life was on Drew Barrymore in 1999. I was working in a SoHo clothing store and she came in with a backpack on and a 35 mm film camera dangling around her neck. The clothes I sold her she stuffed unceremoniously into her jansport. "What a jocular, breezy individual!" I thought. That's not what I think nowadays when I see a skulking faux-artiste meandering down North 5th street with a slouchy bag, slouchy hairdo and the most annoying accessory of 2008: Retro-looking cameras worn on their straps. I think, "You are a hapless cliché."

If you want to have your camera at the ready, but would also like to evade my scorn, try putting the lens cap on. Sorry! I'm a stickler.