OMG! Trailer for Baby-Mama

Cheekbeauty ♥'s Tina Fey, and Tina ♥'s Amy, and hooray for vehicles for women in comedy! Hopefully they're coming back to stay. Remember the days of Carol Burnett and Goldie Hawn? Good times. Also Tina's actual baby's name is Alice. Which is the most wonderful name ever, besides Aeronny and Jinty and Siense and Madyson-Caite. Enjoy.



I finally submitted most of my applications for graduate school, yay, but it gave me weird chest pains for a while due to the negative serendipitous turn of events involving Art Basel, Greenpoint's absurd ability to eat phone and internet connectivity, and the IRS. There is no face cream for this shit, not even gold extract & royal jelly infused cream. I tried it, and even thought it was a little pricey at $420 a jar, I ended up throwing it at a homeless kitten that was annoying me.

OMG just kidding. I would never. I let the kitten play with it, and it got even more young and homeless as a result. Now we are together. What?

Also here is a really long review from Marie Claire of some eco-beauty products, highlights of which are: Tom's of Maine Lemongrass deoderant works, even for the very pregnant, which is very good news since Lush has just discontinued my favorite flavor of their amazing deodorant. Also, Parabens will mess with you.