Come See Me Perform 2

Featuring the esteemed Sean Patton, Tell and Show starts with a bang this Sunday at the Creek. There are tacos and beer and margaritas and me and the rest of Garamond improvising to the sound of your intermittent shifting in chairs, coughing, and hopefully, laughter.

Just kidding we are hilarious and amazing. Come see. 8-9pm, free. Click the creek link for directions.


I know it's early, but I would like to start planning for my next birthday party. It's in May, so I want it to be outdoors. Also I think instead of shorts and t-shirts we could all dress up a little bit, just pantsuits from chico's and maybe like a creme de menthe blazer on one of the guys? What else...Oh, let's everybody wear name tags on their sleeves. And we could have tents or awnings in case there's weather. Everyone gets a plus one, so feel free to bring whoever.


I've Been Busy/ Come See Me Perform

Lotsa projects, lotsa stuff going on. I'm trying to update Emily's wordpress so I can install her fancy new theme (I can't show it to you, but I've titled it "Kawaii" theme to give you a vague idea). But also very exciting is that my improv team, Garamond, is performing a bunch and you can actually come and witness this. Thursday is our first show, it's at Broadway Comedy Club:

Broadway Comedy Club

318 West 53rd Street
New York, NY 10019

7pm, $5. Come throw us a suggestion, if it's good and I recognize your voice I will respect you.

If you can't go to that, you can come watch me do a Harold with my 301 Class on Saturday at noon at the UCB Theatre, 307 W. 26th Street New York, NY 10001.