Oh, I think the diet industry is a little out of hand...

Because it's wormed it's way into lip gloss. For Chrissakes, people. This shit is out of control. Lip gloss that's labeled "guilt-free" explicitly implies that other lip gloss should make you feel guilty. Like, "Oh, Ive been good today, I think I'll indulge in some non-diet lipcolor. Whee! Ill just have to spend a couple extra minutes on the eliptical." This product is going into a new category here on Cheekbeauty: Offensive Products. What would lil' mama say?


Rainbow Right at Alexander Herchcovitch!!!!!

This year Herchcovitch brilliantly accessorized his elegant all-black ensembles that opened the show with monochromatic neon eye makeup, colors that were echoed in the color block pieces* he showed later on. As Cheek's own wardrobe has darkened immensely in the past year, methinks of no better way to wear the new bright makeup.

*Note: "Peices" is what you call items of clothing that are more expensive than handguns.


Yellow Eyeshadow, Part Deux

Is saying "I totally called that, man!" akin to saying "I told you so!" except more obnoxious? Because I saw three designers so far this fashion week who have hopped on the yellow eyeshadow wagon. From left: Ben Cho (who is amazing purely because he booked fave band Growing to play his show), the eco-conscious Behnaz Sarafpour, and Derek Lam. It's all so, so last August! No? Well, okay, I guess Derek Lam is probably too busy to read my blog, but still. I'm on the ball. So NEXT fall is gonna be all about um. RED eyeshadow! And the return of glitter! You heard it here.