Cage or No Cage

It's that time again, time to post a list of amazing shit I want you to get me for my birthday (may 16th, duh). How old will I be? Cheeky!

Pretty much anything you can find at this store will do. A couple weeks ago my aunt called me to ask if I knew whether the meaning of "Meow!" had changed from something you say when someone is being a total blarch. Cuz someone sent it in an email to a male co-worker. Oh, email.

If you wanna show me some love, but not contribute to my growing need for a storage space, come to my next stand-up show at Broadway Comedy Club. It should be key.

At the moment it looks like I'll need some fly paper. There are flies the size of kidney beans making slow figure eights around my "office." Or do they work here?

Other ideas: Surf Lessons, Shark Diving (cage or no cage), a raincoat. Anything waterproof, really, because I just want to be dry and apparently this weather's gonna be around for a while. I know because the weather guy was like "You might as well kill yourself." That's going a little far, weather guy. A little far.

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